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Grobal Market needs Universal Maketing concept.
Just means New Business will succeed, or not,
depends on your market data is reliable, or not.
made in Harmony place, too many personal identities.
We research "Other One of the Japanese"Networking Data,
in the place, SHIZUOKA prefecture, in Japan
blending the most many kind of different identities and
traditional lifestyle alive in Japanese heart and body for 5000 years.

SHIZUOKA prefecture is famous for No.1 place
Test Marketing Place in Japan
for the reasons mentioned above

Top 1 company having test marketing in SHIZUOKA
Kao(No.1 household), McDonald(hamburger),
Itoen(softdrink), Yamaha(motorcycle), JT(tabacco),etc.
not only Japanese companies, but also foreign ones before stating
business in Japan, especially for insurance company,
lifestyle is the most imporatant decision of Japanese consumers...

But very very sorry that they could choose the way to research
the Japanese market by mass@market system.
You see the Japanes depression is at its worst now.
reazon why the Japanese government and companies
could not doubt if he will succeed.
Their success continueid for 1/2 century until Japan's gbubble economyh,
so, they wants to belived the end of thier system, mass market,
mass product, mass sale, mass communication
Yes, just comfortable and easy sale without budget of real marketing research.
Everything was settled satisfactorily...

The Jpanese consumer changed, not fact.
Just became honesty for own identities in limited family budget
after Japan's gbubble economyh.
Now is the term of Natural and Well-balanced consumer market.
If they could listen to the Japanese consumer,
they had taken a chance of new business.
Unbelievable to ask question the consumers
The Japanese are poor at chosing "Yes or No", you know.
the reason are hiding in
the Japanese top sales, 20 billion yen movie .

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BTop Needs in Japan

@Research Concept
@Research Concept
BTop Needs in Japan
BTop Needs in Japan